Jun 25, 2009

Pierson and hats

Pierson loves hats. Just scrolling back through photos from the last 5 months I realized that he is wearing a hat in half of them. The red polka dot hat that is his current favorite is one of Ava's dress up hats. For some reason Pierson always finds it, puts it on and refuses to take it off. He has worn that silly red hat to the park, the grocery store, and has even slept in it. Someday he will probably be embarrassed by some of these pictures, but I think they are adorable. I also realized that he is wearing his pajamas in most of these photos too. His favorite look is his "baseball shoes," pj's and the red hat. He keeps us laughing! We get smiles everywhere we go because of this little guy and his love for hats.

Eydie came home today! We are so thankful for answered prayer. She is doing well. Tonight during bedtime prayers Pierson said (with no prompting from us) "Dear God, baby Eydie, baseball, outside." That is his list of things he's thankful for today. Baby Eydie came before baseball. That's pretty big for Pierson. For more on her homecoming go to Kate's blog.


Kate said...

I love your new blog header! It looks so cute. And I love Pierson's love for hats. I'm so honored that Eydie came before baseball. That is huge!

Amy said...

Great new look to the blog Summer! That Pierson, he is a hoot and just the cutest thing ever!

We missed you the other day when Ann and I were at Julia's. We were all wishing you were there and can't wait for a time to all hang out.

Miss you and love you lots!

Candy said...

Oh my gosh - He is adorable!!!

JENNY said...

He is SO ADORABLE! I love that he loves hats. haha. What a sweet and funny boy.

Your new blog header is great!

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