Feb 9, 2011

The Nursery

All of this snow and cold weather has given me much needed time to nest and get Sadie Kate's nursery ready for her. I wish I would have taken a before picture of this room. It was a high school boy's room before we moved in and it was painted a goldish dark yellow with black curtains... very Abilene High! Great for a teen boy but not so much a baby girl. So we painted the walls, the ceiling and added some color! It's been fun! I always love preparing a room when I'm pregnant. It just makes me feel connected to the baby somehow as I paint and decorate the area where she'll sleep and rock and eventually play and learn.

Here's her crib. The bedding is made from an anthropologie quilt. I wish I could take credit but I actually bought it from a friend who was selling it. I love the colors and pattern!
My Japanese grandmother helped me make paper cranes for this homemade mobile above the bed. It's one of my favorite things in the room!
I painted this mural of a whimsical tree in the corner of the room behind the rocker.

Cute little red rocker
There is also a daybed for tired parents and grandmas to sleep on. I added some Japanese touches in the room with the cranes and these kokeshi doll collages, as well as some Japanese memorabilia that I've collected through the years.
A sweet welcome home note from sister Ava
Just about 5 more weeks until we get to meet our baby girl! We can't wait...

Feb 3, 2011

Snow Days


Played in the snow,

made snow angels,
went sledding on the play set,

slid into mounds of snow,
snuggled up and watched movies,
played with play dough,
warmed up by the fire,
pretended to be Josh Hamilton
and little orphan Annie working at a restaurant,
made snow ice cream and...
we still have another day ahead of us! What will we come up with tomorrow?

Christmas, Tonsils, and 50's Day

3 days snowed in at home has allowed me to catch up on some things around my house and my blog! So here are a few more photos from December and January:

Christmas 2010 with cousin Eydie
Small group Christmas party at our house... Can you find the random nameless man that made his way into our photo? I love our white elephant exchange and our hilarious friends!
Christmas morning in Decatur
Football cousins... passing down the jersey
Ruby and her kids
Walters' cousins (We missed you, Melissa!)
Thompson second cousins
Jenny and I are due within a month of each other!
Pierson had his tonsils and adenoids out...
Ava practicing the twist for 50's day
Dancing on the stage at Austin Elementary
50's Day with momma (I wore Chad's high school letter jacket to serve ice cream Sundays at Ava's school. He made the comment that he never expected to see his pregnant wife wearing it. I did look a little awkward!)