Oct 13, 2008

Elmo, Pumpkins & a Visit to the Farm

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed an afternoon with Teressa, Larry, Melissa & Bryson at the Elmo Live Show! Bryson danced the entire time. It was so cute. We had great seats and loved watching the kids watch Elmo! 
The Sesame Street Gang
Teressa (Larry hiding) and Bryson
A visit to the Abilene Pumpkin Patch
Ava picks the perfect pumpkin.
Posing with the kids
Ava paints her pumpkin with Grandma Ruby.
And finally. . .  a visit to May Farm for  a friend's birthday party. Pierson was a little freaked out by this goat.
Ava thought they were cute, but kept her distance.
I reluctantly put both kids on a horse for a short ride. I can honestly say that I had one of those gut motherly instincts that tells you not to do it, but I had seen other kids riding and figured I was just being paranoid. The horse's owner told me she was very tame and they had never had a child fall off. I did stay beside the kids the entire time. I stepped back to take this photo a few seconds before a bee flew by which made the horse shudder. This caused both of my children to fall off, head first in the opposite direction from where I was standing. It happened in about 0.3 seconds, but I saw everything in slow motion and I still could not reach them.   A mother's worst nightmare!  That moment has replayed in my mind and might be the scariest thing I have ever witnessed.  Amazingly both kids were fine. . . scared but not injured. I am praising God for His protection.  We might have a new fear of horses now, but no permanent damage was done. (And by we, I mean me.)