Jul 31, 2007

Yesterday, Debbie Riggs and her husband of Pure Photography, came to our house to take some family photos. They did such a good job and were so patient and loving with Ava! After she and her husband left, Ava commented, "Well mom, that was fun!" Here is a preview of more pictures to come. This is the first professional photo we've had made since we left Fort Worth. Ava has changed so much since the last time we did this! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. . .

Jul 20, 2007

A Chocolate Mustard & Other Items of Interest

Ava's cousin, Karaline, was at ACU camp this week so we got to go visit her in the dorm. Ava LOVES her cousins and even though they live in Fort Worth, we talk about them several times a day. Ava will usually start by saying, "Pretend I'm. . . Kallan" (or Kaden or Karaline or Anderson, who she thinks is her cousin) and then she wants me to pretend that I'm Aunt Gay. She pretends to be other people ALL THE TIME, and then Chad or I have to be the mom, dad, or friend that goes with that kid. This week, I have been Julia, Gay, Grandma Ruby, Kendra (Anderson's mom, who Ava doesn't even know), Melissa, and April, as well as an unnamed "little girl" or "lady." It's a funny game, but sometimes I just want to be myself.

After eating this fudgesicle, Ava looked at herself in the mirror and exclaimed, "I have a chocolate mustard, like Kevin!" Translation: mustard means mustache and uncle Kevin has one, but it's not chocolate.

Don't I look thin in this photo next to an elephant? It's all relative! (See previous post for more on my weight gain. . . )

Checking out the lions at the zoo. I get this look alot from Ava and it seems like a flash forward of things to come, as if to say, "Mom, puhlease stop taking my picture and just let me hang out with my friends."

A day at the zoo with friends. (Will and Levi's first zoo playdate)

Hanging out with dad!

Jul 15, 2007

What is it about being pregnant that complete strangers feel they can violate all social rules? This week alone I have had people comment on my weight, eating habits, general appearance, and invade my personal space. Over the course of this pregnancy and the last one, I have gotten used to the occassional sarcastic comment, but last night was out of control! Chad and I were on a date, and I had dressed up so I was feeling pretty cute. After dinner, we stopped by the mall because I had painted in my wedding ring and it needed to be cleaned. While we were in the jewelry store, I was looking around, and the saleswoman struck up the usual conversation with me, "When are you due? etc." Only this time the conversation took an abrupt turn after I told her that I was having boy. Her repsonse, "Oh, that's why you look like hell!" (No exaggeration. Those were her exact words.) At that point, I looked up stunned, and looked at Chad to figure out what my response was supposed to be. We both just laughed because really, what else can you say? She then went on to say that I looked swollen and tired and that it would probably get a lot worse. After getting my rings back, we left and stopped in at Bath and Body Works where a woman stroked my belly with both hands for an awkwardly long time. By the time we left mall, I felt violated on so many levels. Fortunately, Chad and I just had a good laugh about the whole thing once we got in the car. To be honest, the woman described how I've been feeling lately-- bloated and tired, so there is some truth to what she said. Still, I can't get over how freely people make harsh comments. . . It is a strange reality of pregnancy.

Chad and I have been married 7 years today. I am so thankful for our marriage and continue to fall in love with him in new ways. . .through joys, hardships, parenting, prayer and laughter!

Jul 11, 2007

4th of July, Ava's antics, Pierson, & the Playroom

We hosted a neighborhood block party on the 3rd of July in an effort to get to know the people who live around us. We've lived here over a year, and there were still neighbors who we had never met. Chad and I have been trying to think of ways to be more intentional about building relationships outside of our church family. This seemed like a good idea. It was well received, and we had a good turnout. Everyone brought a food item to share, and we enjoyed hearing stories from those who have lived in this neighborhood for over 30 years! We were supposed to have a bounce house, but the threat of rain caused us to nix that plan. We'll have to make it up to Ava on her birthday; she was pretty bummed! This is a picture of Ava and McKinley. They are only about 4 months apart and play great together!

Click on Kate's blog for fun photos of our 4th of July with the Thompson family on Lake Brownwood. Ava was out of town, playing with her cousins in Fort Worth, so she missed the festivities and we missed having her there! She loves to ride on the boat. We'll have to go back to Brownwood before the summer ends now that the rain has slowed down. Kate got some cute cousin photos. I forgot my camera.

Ava is very into dressing up lately. She loves to be the "pretend mama" and fix my hair, or have me dress her up. The picture below is Ava as a princess!

Quick funny story: Lately, Ava wants to do everything by herself. A few nights ago, she announced that she needed to go potty and she could do it by herself. I wasn't sure, but I thought I would let her try. I stayed out of the bathroom, but I could hear her pull up the stool to turn the light on, work on getting her panties and shorts off, climb on the potty and flush, and then pull the stool back to the sink to wash her hands for about 5 minutes. Afterwards, she came walking down the hallway smiling ear to ear with pride. Chad and I oohed and ahhed over what a big girl she was! She was the funniest sight: her shirt was soaking wet from all the hand washing and she was wearing no shorts, with her panties turned around backwards which poofed them out in the front and gave her a wedgie in the back with her cheeks hanging out! She was proud though-- parenting is fun!

In case you haven't heard, we have decided to name the baby. . . Pierson Reed Walters. My dad has a sister and two daughters so there was no one in our family to carry on the name, and we loved the idea of Pierson as a first name. In all fairness, Kate thought of it, but graciously shared it with us. Thanks Kate! I'm still working on Pierson's Nursery, but here is a preview. The picture didn't turn out very well. Funny how many of you Fort Worth friends and family have been asking me to post pictures of the Nursery. I'll put a few up when we finish the bedding.

Ava went to spend a few days with Grandma Ruby last weekend so we could work on the playroom. It used to have very pink floral wallpaper from the previous owners. It worked for a girly playroom, but with a boy on the way, we decided it was time to gender neutralize the room. My mom took two days off of work to help me strip wallpaper, prime and paint the whole room. It was quite a project, and we didn't even strip all the wallpaper in the end. Too much work! Here is the finished project. Again, I feel goofy posting all of these house pictures, but several of you have asked to see them so here they are! Nothing spectacular... just less pink!

Jul 2, 2007

We have been busy lately with Bible Time Marketplace at Highland and a trip to Sea World in San Antonio and then Granite Shoals with Chad's family. I can't believe it's already July. The summer is flying by and it doesn't even feel like summertime yet with all the rain! I had to pull Ava from her swim lessons because it was cold and rainy every time we went. Ava didn't want to get in the water and I didn't blame her! I am about 3 months from my due date, and feeling bigger all the time, but am thankful that I am healthy and feeling good overall. Here are some highlights in pictures from the past few weeks:

Bible Times Marketplace-- Chad and I ran the pottery shop.

We loved the Shamu show!

Ava crashed after a long rainy day at Sea World.

The Sea World Pirate Movie which turned out to be a little too scary, but don't we look cool in our 3-D glasses?

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe on the Riverwalk

Ava loved getting to see her 2nd cousin, baby Bryson!

This is a random shot. I never know how I am going to find her once she falls asleep. This night, she had the blanket wrapped around her eyes. Funny girl!

Dinner at Lytle Land and Cattle with K-Papa and Sasi. The cowboy hat was my cousin Carly's, who was our waitress, and the boots were a gift from Sasi to grow into.

Ava needed my glasses for this book. She looks so studious!

Notice the title, "Greek Art". . .we start them young around here.

Here's another glance at my growing belly. This shot was taken around 26 weeks!

(Hope all is well with you Fort Worth girls. I keep up with your pregnancies and kiddos through your blogs. I miss our lunch play dates and small group, but I'm glad everyone seems to be doing well. I hope see you in early August!)