May 30, 2007

My Girl

Just a few fun photos of Ava:

May 22, 2007

Mexico and New Babies

Last weekend I got to spend the most amazing weekend in Mexico with two of my dearest friends, Julia and Heather! After the stress of a major passport mishap, we appreciated the trip even more. We stayed at a BEAUTIFUL all-inclusive resort near Playa del Carmen where food was brought to us, beds were made, and the only decision I had to make was whether I wanted to lay by the beach or the pool! We enjoyed a time of total rejuvination, and spent the entire weekend catching up, laughing, and encouraging one another. I could not ask for better friends. I am thankful for these girls and the ways that they challenge me to grow as a mom, a wife and a woman of God.

On top of all of this, Chad took two days off of work to have a daddy/daughter weekend with Ava so I wouldn't have to worry about finding a sitter. He also sent a couple of surprise gifts for me to open on the trip--an Ipod fully loaded with my favorite songs to enjoy on the beach, magazines, sun lotion, and a note that explained that while I was gone he did a "While you were out" makeover on our bathroom. He painted the shelves and vanity, got a new mirror and bath mat, and fixed the broken towel bar! The trip would have been enough, but he went way above and beyond the call. And did I mention he worked in the Nursery for me and took Ava to a 3 year old birthday party while I was away? My brother-in-law has started calling him H.O.Y.(Husband of the Year) for all of his efforts. I could not agree more! He is an amazing man-- I love him for all the ways he takes care of Ava and me. But most of all, I love him for being such a spiritual leader in our family. He constantly puts our needs ahead of his own. I am realizing that such a selfless love is rare, and I am grateful beyond measure that he chose me to be his wife.

One of the best things about the trip is that I left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and came home refreshed-- feeling more in love with my husband and more appreciative of Ava! On Sunday morning, the girls and I got up early and spent some time before breakfast watching the ocean, listening to praise music, reading the psalms, and praying together. I came away remembering that Jesus, amid all of his healing and teaching, would find time to get away to quiet place to rest and pray. Even when I cannot escape to the beach, I can choose to make time to rest and rejuvinate, even in Abilene.

We do have several photos of us in the water or on the beach, but I'm not about to post a swimsuit picture of myself at 5 months prego, so here is a lovely picture of the pool. You can just imagine us in it.

Kara and Zach had their babies, William Cotton (called Will), and Levi Blake on May 16th! We are so thankful that they are here and doing well. Here are a couple of pictures of the boys! They seem so tiny, but are a fairly good size for being twins. Will was 6 lbs. even and Levi was 5 lbs. 7 oz. All I can say is that Kara was carrying around almost 12 lbs. of baby and I never heard her complain. That girl is a Rock Star Mama!

May 10, 2007

YCW Program

Below are pictures from Ava's Young Children's World Program on Monday night. The kids were so cute! Something about 2 year olds singing on stage is just funny! We had our 20 week sonogram today-- still a boy! Everything looks good so far, and we are thankful everyday for good health both for me and the baby. On that note, any of you who check this and don't know about Christine Pinson, please be praying for her health and baby. You can read updates on Mindy Tyndall's blog. Christine has struggled her entire pregnancy with severe pain and we have been lifting her up constantly. Those of you who do know Christine are already praying I'm sure. Today I pray for relief from pain, and peace for all of the Pinsons and Tyndalls.

May 5, 2007

Ava's Big Girl Room

This week we moved Ava to the room that used to be the guest room. Her old room is going to become the Nursery. We spent the week getting it all ready for her, and she has been pretty excited as she has seen her toys and clothes move in. She loves it during the day, but adjusting to sleeping in a different room at night has been hard. Hopefully, it will become more familiar and she'll start going to sleep a little better on her own again. Here are some pictures of the room. I think it turned out pretty cute. We used all the furniture we already had and just updated the bedding, pillows and curtains. It looks better in person. The pictures don't really show the colors well. (Teressa, you'll just have to come to Abilene to see us and check it out for yourself!)

May 4, 2007


Right after I got married, I had a conversation with some girlfriends about how different it is to have a boy roomate than a girl roomate. One main difference is affirmation about appearance. Girls are good at this, whether they are commenting on a new outfit, how slim something makes you look, or your new haircut, they just notice and give positive feedback. Chad is actually very affirming as a husband. . . but not like a girl. Yesterday, after I got ready in the morning and came into the living room, Ava looked up from playing and exclaimed, "Oh mommy, you look cutie-cute!" Then later the same day, she looked down at my flip flops, and said, "I like your shoes today." I was reminded that it's fun having a girl in the house again, and I love it even more that she's my daughter!