Oct 28, 2009

Fall & Friends

These are all out of order, but here is our fall at a glance. We've had good times with good friends.

Jackson and Ava on a hayride

The Walters' in western wear at our small group dress-up party

Two of my favorite cops: Ponch and John. (Aren't these guys hilarious?)

Our little cowpokes (Ava was all excited about this horse costume until she had to put it on. Then it only lasted about 5 minutes. Oh well, we got a picture. That was the closest I could get to a smile from either of these outlaws.)

Trunk or Treat

Playing in the rain with Ava's bud, Sofia

Some old friends at ACU Homecoming

I miss these girls!

Getting ready for the parade

GATA friends at breakfast

Ava with the Russell and Encalade girls

I misss these girls too. . .

Pierson playing ball with Maddox

Ava and Sofia dressing up alike for a girl's night out

Levi, Pierson and Will. . . cuties

And one last picture-- look at that smile! I love this little guy!

Oct 5, 2009

Madinah Namuddu

I just found an organization called Kiva that I am pumped about. If you can spare $25.00, you must check this out. Kiva connects people through person-to-person micro-lending, empowering entrepreneurs across the globe.

For my first micro-loan, I lent money to Madinah Namuddu's Group. I selected Madinah by scrolling through a list of hopeful entrepreneurs from around the world. I used paypal, but you can use your credit card to start your loan as well. It only took about 5 minutes. I'd like to add one new loan a month! I'll keep you updated. I love the world wide web!

P.S. Leave me a comment and let me know if you decided to start a micro-loan too! I would love to hear that my "tens of readers" all got as excited as I did and found someone to support. Better yet, put a link on your blog. Then all of your hundreds of readers might do the same. Am I a hopeful optimist who thinks we can change the world? Yes I am. So let's get started...

Click here for to learn more about how it works.

Oct 4, 2009

Here are a few things I am writing down so I don't forget them:

1. Ava let us know that we might need to start using bigger words with her now that she's 5.

2. I asked Pierson if he was ready to brush his teeth a few nights ago and he told me, "I'd wather not." (I'd rather not.) 2 going on. . . 12? By the way, I didn't give him the option.

3. This afternoon we were reading bedtime books and Pierson was searching for the "Yucky Hat" book. I was baffled. I finally found the book he was looking for about a "Lucky Hat."

4. Ava is into clothes, shoes and anything to do with fashion. She often explains how the dress on her barbies or in coloring books would be cute if it had a different color, a longer hem, a different color bow, etc. She loves to play dress up and is extremely particular about what she wears. The other night at dinner, she let me know that she liked the pattern on my shirt, but she thought it might be cuter if it had a button by the neck. Chad and I laughed and said she might become a fashion designer someday. She asked what that meant and I explained that a fashion designer is someone who imagines what clothes might look like and makes them for other people to wear. She thought about it for a minute and then said, "I have an idea. At my fashion designer store, there will be two people who work there. I will be the one who makes up the outfit and the other person will be the one who sews my idea."

5. I heard Pierson being a little too quiet in Ava's room yesterday while she was coloring in the living room. I went in and found him standing on her bed with one of barbie's legs (detached from her body.) He tilted his head to the side, smiled like he knew this might not be a good idea and said, "Swing batter, batter, batter. . ." Then used the leg to hit to practice his swing. I had to walk away and laugh before I came back and reattached Barbie's leg.

6. When Pierson is tired or frustrated he whines in a way that sounds a lot like Napolean Dynomite. It cracks me and Chad up, which is probably not helping him learn not to whine. There is no funny way to write in words how it sounds, but imagine a 2 year old Napolean saying "Aaawwwaaawww. I don wan to go night night."

7. Chad was driving home with Pierson in the car and instead of wanting to listen to music or watch a movie, Pierson said "Tell me a story, daddy." After a short story Pierson whispered, "Tell me a secret." This reminded us that our kids just want connection with us. They don't need to be entertained, just talked to.

8. Pierson fell off of a chair last week and busted his lip pretty badly. We were lucky that the cut was on his lip or he might have needed stitches. Ava was so concerned about all of the blood and Pierson's injury that she wouldn't let me talk about it in front of him because she was worried he would start thinking about it again and get upset. She would come up and whisper in my ear, "I just feel so sad about Pierson's lip, but don't look at it. It might make him feel bad."

Pierson with his cousin Eydie. Love 'em!