Oct 28, 2009

Fall & Friends

These are all out of order, but here is our fall at a glance. We've had good times with good friends.

Jackson and Ava on a hayride

The Walters' in western wear at our small group dress-up party

Two of my favorite cops: Ponch and John. (Aren't these guys hilarious?)

Our little cowpokes (Ava was all excited about this horse costume until she had to put it on. Then it only lasted about 5 minutes. Oh well, we got a picture. That was the closest I could get to a smile from either of these outlaws.)

Trunk or Treat

Playing in the rain with Ava's bud, Sofia

Some old friends at ACU Homecoming

I miss these girls!

Getting ready for the parade

GATA friends at breakfast

Ava with the Russell and Encalade girls

I misss these girls too. . .

Pierson playing ball with Maddox

Ava and Sofia dressing up alike for a girl's night out

Levi, Pierson and Will. . . cuties

And one last picture-- look at that smile! I love this little guy!


Leah said...

They are adorable! I think the horse costume was soooo cute! I miss college and all the great friends!

JENNY said...

I love their halloween costumes! So cute. And, that last picture of Pierson is adorable. What a cutie!

Kate said...

I love Pierson's sweet smile! And I can just see Ava and the girls taking a picture just like that (minus the stroller) in the campus center in about 13 years!