Aug 22, 2008

Holy Firit and other "F" Words

I'm averaging one post a month these days since I have been attempting to practice some sabbath rest with my family. I appreciate all of the comments on my last post, and was encouraged by all of you. I think that my computer was helping me with my season of rest because it has been intermittently crashing and now our USB port is messed up so I can't upload any photos.

I have enjoyed taking some time off from blogging, but I thought I would reenter with this funny list of "F" words I have been collecting from Ava. She is a very articulate 3 year old, but still has trouble with the "sp" sound, pronouncing it like an "f." My mom (the speech pathologist) does not seemed worried about this and says she'll grow out it, so I am just enjoying the hilarity of some the words and phrases that come out of her mouth. To decode the words, place an sp in place of the f. Here are some of my favorites:

1. She loves to sing about the Holy Firit.
2. Ava has always loved farkly shoes.
3. She reminds me to go the feed limit before I find a good parking fot (or parking face.)
4. She loves to go to her grandma's house to fend the night.
5. I need to fit!
6. Don't fill it!
7. I'm finning in circles!
8. He's my fecial friend.
9. While reading a book, she'll ask, "What does that fell?"
10. I like to feak fanish. (She's learing from Dora.)
11. I don't like to go to the pool because kids flash me. (This one took some exflaining.)
12. The farklers are freading out! (4th of July)
13. Ava likes to play the "I fy game" in the car
14. Ava loves to drink frite and eat with a foon.
15. Sometimes she thinks she needs some hairfray.
16. She likes to watch gymnasts do the flitz in the Olympics.
17. And finally, when Ava is in big trouble she asks, "Am I going to get a fankin' with a wooden foon?"

I can't end without saying a quick word about Pierson. He is such a ham! He loves to shake his head, stick out his tongue, bark when he sees a dog, clap, crawl and cruise on everything. He has 7 teeth and a huge smile! He loves his sister and crawls around looking for her when she leaves the room. He says, "Ada, mama, dada, ball, and more." He loves to look at books and push a ball or car all over the house. He is a joy, and I love being his mama! I wish I could post some recent photos. We'll try to get our computer fixed soon.