Jan 19, 2006

Ava's Ramblings

Ava has been talking a lot lately. I understand about half of what she says, but she's so expressive and confident that I always agree and nod even when I have no idea what she's trying to communicate. She has handled this transition really well considering that during the last 6 weeks we have been in three different houses, started her at a new church and school in a new town, and about half of her toys are packed away. She has been clingy and had trouble sleeping, but during the day, she is cheerful and talkative.

My favorite sayings lately are
Bye, She you! - Bye, See you.
Mama, yar you? - Mama, Where are you?
E it is. - There it is.
Oof - Oops. (Says this if she drops something)
Hi, Papa - Ava and Papa (my dad) will go back and forth saying, "Hi Papa," "Hi Ava," " Hi Papa," "Hi Ava," until one of them gives up. This can go thirty or forty times. Usually my dad gives up. She's a persistent little thing!

Ava has also learned two new words, which I'm not as excited about, "No", and "Mine." These are used frequently when she is trying to get to her favorite grown up toys: keys, the remote control, cell phones, and wallets. She is inquistive and into everything. This is such a fun age. I love to watch her learn!

Jan 12, 2006

Abilene, Abilene, prettiest town I've ever seen?

Well, this post has been a long time coming, but things have finally slowed down enough to write. Chad, Ava and I are officially Abilene residents although we're still living with my parents at the moment. We have a house that we'll close on tomorrow and move in to at the end of the month. I am so excited! I think I've decorated every room in my head at least 3 times. Of course most of my ideas will have to wait due to budget constraints so I'll just have to go one room at a time. We've had a very busy holiday season. I think that the last time I blogged was early December.

Most of December was a blur of boxes, good-byes, Christmas shopping, and illness. We packed our entire house to be put in storage except what we need for a month, which for Chad and me was a suitcase of clothes and some toiletries. For Ava, that consisted of an entire carload full of toys, baby gear, pack-n-play, clothes, diapers, etc. During all of the packing, all three of us got sick at overlapping intervals. I have a newfound sympathy for babies with ear infections. I got my first one and that is some serious pain! During December, we also had to say our good-byes to many friends and family. Our closest friends from church threw us a going away party, which was so fun! Being all together made me realize what a blessing it has been to have such an amazing core group of friends who we have shared so much with. I felt an overwhelming sadness at what we were leaving. But, I still believe that God is in control and I rest in the peace of His plan. My coworkers at RHCC also threw me a good-bye luncheon. I cannot express how hard it was to say so many tearful good-byes throughout the month of December. I love so many people there, and moving away was more difficult than I even imagined it would be. After all of the chaos leading up to the move, we finally did get our belongings loaded up and sent on to Abilene. Chad, Ava and I stayed with the Micks for the rest of the week while Chad worked the last few days before Christmas break. Ava fell in love with their dog, Murphy (who I almost lost, but that's another story.)

Christmas in Brownwood with my mom's family was a refreshing change of pace. I caught up on some much needed sleep and finally got over the ear infection. Ava loved being the center of attention! When we all get together, there are about 30 people, and we all stay in one house for the entire weekend so there was no shortage of help with Ava. Chad made the comment that we needed a baton or bracelet of some kind that you could pass off so we would know who was in charge of her at any given time. There were a few times when I knew she was in a group of people outside, but I wasn't sure if any one person was watching her. We thought we should come up with some kind of "tag you're it" way of making sure that she was being supervised. I guess I'm still a new parent of a first baby and sometimes overly cautious. We've had a lot of babies raised in that family, and we haven't lost one yet, so I guess I shouldn't have worried. I definately enjoyed all of the food, games, conversations, and a groovy seventies Anniversary party we had for my parents' 30th! Much fun!

From there, we headed back to Fort Worth for Chad's last four days of work at Metroplex and Christmas with his family. We had a great time opening presents with the Walters, Micks, and Quanzes. Ava loved her new toys! She bopped her head to the rhythm of a new keyboard while sitting in a wagon loaded down with fun toys! She loves her cousins and enjoyed playing with each of them! I spent most of the week spending time with friends since I didn't have to work. Ava got to hang out with Hayley, Bella and Emma (three of her closest little friends) and I got to visit with their moms (three of my closest friends.) On Friday, we had dinner with the family, said a heart wrenching tearful good-bye and headed on to Abilene.

We enjoyed bringing in the New Year with the Ridgells (here visiting family) and the Reeses! Chad and I hung out for a few days in Abilene and then headed to Sante Fe since he didn't have to start at his new job until the 9th! We enjoyed beautiful weather, interesting people and sights, lots of art museums and galleries and tasty food. We had a relaxing couple of days while Ava spent time in Decatur with Grandma Ruby and G-Sir. By Saturday, we were ready to see our baby girl, so we got up at 5:00 AM and headed back.

Once in Abilene, we finally unpacked at my parents' house where we'll be for the next 3 weeks until we can move in to our house. Chad started work this week, Ava started at Young Children's World at Highland where she'll go twice a week, and I am still praying for direction with my job options. I'll keep you posted. This week, I have been "reaquainting" myself with Abilene. It is familiar and new to me at the same time. I have enjoyed spending time with Kate who I have seen every day, and have been working on getting into a new routine of working out at Hendrick Health Club. Chad has come home for lunch several times and I can already feel myself settling in to a slower pace. It feels good. I have felt homesick from time to time, but I'm not really sure where my home is right now. I think I'm just ready to be settled after so much transition in the past few months, but I am enjoying time with my family, having extra help with Ava, as well as some great home cooked meals from mom. Ava is having fun with her Papa and Sasi! She has replaced her infatuation with saying, "Hi Dotee!" to saying "Hi Ba ba" (Papa) even when he's not home! She's a funny little thing.

We appreciate all of your love, support and prayers! I year ago I would never have imagined that we would be here, so I am looking forward to seeing what awaits us in 2006!