May 5, 2008

The thrill of a good deal. . . priceless

I have inherited the "bargain gene" if there is such a thing. My grandmother is an amazing deal finder, and she passed that on to my mom. In my family, the cheaper the price of an item, the more impressive the purchase. Growing up we shopped almost exclusively at thrift stores, garage sales and consignment shops. If I ever did get something at the mall, it was definitely on sale. I now have a problem buying anything at full price. I enjoy clothes, shoes, household items, etc. so much more if I get them on sale. It's like a mental block. If it's not on sale, I am convinced it's not worth the money!

I tried to make it through the month of May without any retail purchases, and I must admit that it was tough. I was much more selective though and only bought a few items I really needed for summer (like a new swimsuit.) I did pretty well with my garage sale purchases. We also had a garage sale this month and sold some of our old stuff so I just about broke even on the purchases listed below. These are the second hand purchases I made this month at Garage Sales, Estate Sales and Thrift shops:

1 teal and brown decorative finial- $3.00

4 pairs of shoes- $8.00

2 Vintage green twin coverlets- $4.00

1 black cashmere sweater and vintage silver bead necklace- $3.00

2 Leap Frog interactive books, 2 movies & 1 Popsicle mold- $10

7 platinum rimmed glasses, 1 vintage glass butter dish & 2 antique candle holders-$11.00

1 Radio Flyer Riding Toy (which we're saving for Pierson- $5.00

1 Old Navy white button down for Ava- $1.50

1 pair of crocs for Chad- $1.00

1 retro green 1920's dining room table and 6 chairs- $125.00

Those of you who have been to my house might be wondering why I decided to purchase a green dining room table to replace my perfectly good wooden one. Kate and I have both been accused of running some kind of covert furniture consignment store out of our houses the way we both buy "new" furniture at garage and estate sales and then turn around and put our old furniture back in our garage sales. I brought in the new retro funky avocado green table since everything in my dining room was so brown. I thought about painting it, but I think I like it green. It's one of a kind, at least. And as for the old table (which was a previous garage sale purchase), I put it in the garage sale we had and as it turns out, Zach and Kara decided to buy it. So we'll still get to visit our old table at their house!

Not pictured: I got a stack of clothes from my sister for $20.00 that I confiscated before our garage sale, but I forgot to take a picture of them. We also bought Ava a kid's battery powered jeep for $50.00, which she has been asking for nonstop. We're saving it for her birthday so I can't post a photo since she'll see it on my blog. Don't spoil the surprise. Her birthday's not until September!

People always tell my sister, my mom and I that they go to sales and never find anything, and I have to admit there are days when I find nothing at all, but one great treasure will keep me coming back for more. I realize this kind of shopping is not for everyone. If you don't feel the pull of the garage sale signs as you drive by, then this may not be for you. But I come from a long line of garage salers, so it's in my blood!

Happy Birthday Grandma Ruby