Dec 9, 2005

Quick thoughts

I don't have time for much today, but I just wanted to write quickly!
The packing is coming along. I think we'll get it all done by the 21st, which is when our stuff is headed to Abilene. We'll stay here and clean the empty house, pass off the keys to the new owner and then go on to Brownwood on the 23rd. We're looking forward to seeing everyone! I have been going over names with Ava, which of she of course won't remember. Most of them sound the same when she repeats them, but she's trying.
We had to bring Dotty in this week because we had a freeze here. She's in her carrier in the kitchen. Ava has been sneaking her small toys which she slips through the cage, and then comes and tells on herself, by saying, "Uh oh," and leading me to Dotty. I also caught her sticking her juice cup through the cage and trying to share some with Dotty. As she did this, she said, "Mmmmm." What a funny age! She cracks me up all the time!
I had to start taking down her room and she definitely knows something strange is going on. She has been "helping me" pack boxes and seems a little restless, roaming around the house like she's trying to figure out where all our stuff went.
I am ready to be a little more settled for her sake. She has also been having trouble sleeping lately, waking up to cry in the middle of the night at about 2:00 for no reason. I think she might be teething. It usually lasts for 30 minutes to an hour and I am worried about how this is going to affect everyone in Brownwood! Maybe she'll play so hard that she'll be worn out! My fear is that she'll play so hard that she'll be wound up. . . Either way, it should be interesting.
Speaking of wound up, Ava just woke up. She is yelling from her room, "Hi!" so I better go now and get her. Merry Christmas, and see you soon!