Apr 23, 2007


I apologize to my friends and family who keep waiting for me to say something new. I have become the worst blogger! I considered giving it up altogether because I have been doing such a bad job at posting and responding to friends. There are SO MANY people with blogs now that I can easily spend hours online flipping from one blog to another to another, and by the time I check in to see how everyone else is doing, I don't have time to post on my own blog. Surely I'm not the only who gets lost and overwhelmed in blogland. Lately I have been avoiding it-- not really intentionally. I've just been busy and have put it off because there's so much to catch up on.

We are all doing well. I am 18 weeks now and we learned last week, rather unexpectedly, at my 4 month appointment that we are having a BOY! We are all very excited, and a little surprised. Ava has been really funny about the whole thing, commenting on my growing tummy, and letting me know that she is "bigger" than the baby. Overall, she hasn't had much to say about having a brother, but on Saturday while we were in the car, she said, "I don't want a he, I want a she." I explained that God was giving us a baby brother, and he was going to be so much fun! Ava kept insisting that she wanted a girl instead. She got over it pretty quickly though, and is back on track for having a brother!

Quick review: We have travelled some in the past months. We enjoyed spending time with family in Decatur and visiting the Fort Worth zoo with cousins, had a fun and crazy visit with Julia and Heather at Julia's new house. We each have very strong willed first born girls who love each other, but each want to be in charge! We had our hands full! We also enjoyed a snowy Easter in Brownwood with family.

Enjoy some pictures and I promise I will try to do a better job posting more frequently.