Dec 21, 2009

Dec 17, 2009

Introducing My Sister's House

Introducing. . . drum roll please. . . My Sister's House!

This is a business that my sister, Kate, and I are starting up in Abilene this spring. Kate and I have always enjoyed scavenging garage and estate sales for unique finds and saving money without sacrificing style. We have often wished there was a one stop shop to sell and buy cute gently used women's clothes, shoes, accessories and furniture. . . so we created My Sister's House, a semi-annual women's consignment sale.

If you are from Abilene, you may be familiar with Dittos for Kiddos. Our sale will be run in much the same way but we will have two unique boutiques within My Sister's House. The Closet will feature women's clothing, shoes, accessories, purses, and jewelry. Right next door at The Attic, you will find home decor, bedding, rugs, lamps, and furniture.

Let's face it. After two pregnancies my closet is full of clothes that are still cute but just don't fit my current body. Yet it is so hard to get more than a few dollars for clothes at garage sales. Our hope is that My Sister's House will become a place where you can sell the items that are taking up space in your house that you just don't wear or use but that will work great for someone else! Then you can shop the sale for clothes and home decor that are new to you without breaking the bank!

It's going to be a lot of fun. We're hoping to create a "Girl's Night Out" feel at our Wednesday and Thursday night Pre-Sales with snacks, good music and no children while you shop! Bring your friends, have fun shopping for great deals, and make some money on your own clothes in the process by becoming a consignor. (You will be able to try on clothes in an open dressing area so bring your bike shorts and sports bra. We hope that it won't be as awkward as those high school locker room experiences.)

The sale will take place downtown at 181 Pine (the old Jordan Taylor location) and will be open to the public March 25th - 27th. We have no idea how big our first sale will be, but we're hoping through word of mouth and our community of A-town friends that it will exceed our expectations!

So check our website: , save your old clothes as you clean out your closet after Christmas, sign up to be a consignor and tell your friends. It's gonna be fun, girls!