Jan 19, 2006

Ava's Ramblings

Ava has been talking a lot lately. I understand about half of what she says, but she's so expressive and confident that I always agree and nod even when I have no idea what she's trying to communicate. She has handled this transition really well considering that during the last 6 weeks we have been in three different houses, started her at a new church and school in a new town, and about half of her toys are packed away. She has been clingy and had trouble sleeping, but during the day, she is cheerful and talkative.

My favorite sayings lately are
Bye, She you! - Bye, See you.
Mama, yar you? - Mama, Where are you?
E it is. - There it is.
Oof - Oops. (Says this if she drops something)
Hi, Papa - Ava and Papa (my dad) will go back and forth saying, "Hi Papa," "Hi Ava," " Hi Papa," "Hi Ava," until one of them gives up. This can go thirty or forty times. Usually my dad gives up. She's a persistent little thing!

Ava has also learned two new words, which I'm not as excited about, "No", and "Mine." These are used frequently when she is trying to get to her favorite grown up toys: keys, the remote control, cell phones, and wallets. She is inquistive and into everything. This is such a fun age. I love to watch her learn!


JENNY said...

Ava is so cute and fun. Chris and I really enjoyed playing with and watching her in Brownwood. She's getting so big!!

Shelly said...

Isn't it the greatest?? Tra always tells Hayley that the outlets will "shock you" if you touch them and tonight she started pointing to them and saying, "Gock--ooo"
Can't wait to see you guys!
Love you--

Chris Thompson said...

Summer, I think Ava may have my name mixed up. Every time she saw me she called me "uhhh. bye, bye waahhh! No. no."

Tell Ava that I know that I am her favorite cousin, but let's just keep that between the two of us. The others might get a little jealous. Take care.

Emily said...

Hey, Summer!

I have been dying to email you, but didn't have your new address and Mindy reminded me that you blog, so I am very excited! I wanted to thank you for my cute mommmy to be ornament - that was perfect! You see a lot of Baby's First Christmas, but no Mommy to Bes and now we have this special Christmas documented on our tree, too! Make sure that Ava knows that she is still a fixture at YCW even though she is not here in body - her teachers ask about her all the time. Oh, and I am sending her ME Book down with Teressa when they go to Abilene in a few weeks. Sorry it took so long, but I think she got a few extra pages in hers.... We look foward to seeing you guys soon!