May 4, 2007


Right after I got married, I had a conversation with some girlfriends about how different it is to have a boy roomate than a girl roomate. One main difference is affirmation about appearance. Girls are good at this, whether they are commenting on a new outfit, how slim something makes you look, or your new haircut, they just notice and give positive feedback. Chad is actually very affirming as a husband. . . but not like a girl. Yesterday, after I got ready in the morning and came into the living room, Ava looked up from playing and exclaimed, "Oh mommy, you look cutie-cute!" Then later the same day, she looked down at my flip flops, and said, "I like your shoes today." I was reminded that it's fun having a girl in the house again, and I love it even more that she's my daughter!


Kara Sheets said...

she is quite the encourager! *a very stylish one at that!*

JENNY said...

haha. That is so cute. Hope to see you guys soon!!

Susan said...

Hey Summer-
How right you are. My mom is my best friend. I wanted a girl so badly... so, that wnen she grows up I will have a bulit-in best friend.
I added you to my "blogs I like to read" on my new blog site. I just created it today!