Jul 2, 2007

We have been busy lately with Bible Time Marketplace at Highland and a trip to Sea World in San Antonio and then Granite Shoals with Chad's family. I can't believe it's already July. The summer is flying by and it doesn't even feel like summertime yet with all the rain! I had to pull Ava from her swim lessons because it was cold and rainy every time we went. Ava didn't want to get in the water and I didn't blame her! I am about 3 months from my due date, and feeling bigger all the time, but am thankful that I am healthy and feeling good overall. Here are some highlights in pictures from the past few weeks:

Bible Times Marketplace-- Chad and I ran the pottery shop.

We loved the Shamu show!

Ava crashed after a long rainy day at Sea World.

The Sea World Pirate Movie which turned out to be a little too scary, but don't we look cool in our 3-D glasses?

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe on the Riverwalk

Ava loved getting to see her 2nd cousin, baby Bryson!

This is a random shot. I never know how I am going to find her once she falls asleep. This night, she had the blanket wrapped around her eyes. Funny girl!

Dinner at Lytle Land and Cattle with K-Papa and Sasi. The cowboy hat was my cousin Carly's, who was our waitress, and the boots were a gift from Sasi to grow into.

Ava needed my glasses for this book. She looks so studious!

Notice the title, "Greek Art". . .we start them young around here.

Here's another glance at my growing belly. This shot was taken around 26 weeks!

(Hope all is well with you Fort Worth girls. I keep up with your pregnancies and kiddos through your blogs. I miss our lunch play dates and small group, but I'm glad everyone seems to be doing well. I hope see you in early August!)


Kathy said...

maybe we can plan a joint family vacation to sea world next year...and leave the kiddos here! haha jk. i think we have talked up sea world to zach so much that he is ready to go now : )
great pictures!

Kara Sheets said...

umm...apparently my mom was signed into blogger. the above comment is from me!

Katie said...

love your pics! Just drove up to our cabin in Waldoboro, Maine. Things are going good. :)

Courtney said...

We miss you too! You look beautiful and sound busy! This does seem like such an odd summer with all the rain, doesn't it? I'll be praying that these last few months go smoothly, and we look forward to meeting baby Walters!

Calista said...

We miss you guys too! Glad to hear things are going good. You look great! It's hard to believe that we are so close to meeting our little boys. Look forward to seeing you.

Jenna said...

Are you sure you're 26 weeks pregnant?? You look amazing! And your daughter is precious... Glad you're all having a great summer!

Chesley said...

You are such a pretty pregnant woman! You look great! You are a thin person with a little ball in front. Hope to see you in August.

Shelly said...

I think I need to borrow your black dress! You look GREAT! I love the new pictures and especially the ones of Ava in your glasses. She is so precious! Hope to see you soon! Miss you--

mindy tyndall said...

So happy to see new photos - sounds like you have been very busy! Ava continues to bring a smile to my face with all her cute pictures! You continue to be in my prayers during these next couple of months - little boys are amazing!
Sam got his feeding tube out today and finally got the whole nursing thing and now, they think he'll come home soon! He is still SO little, but such a strong fighter!
Hugs to all!

Julia said...

You still look so tiny! I love getting to see how your vacation was. Ava is always entertaining. We missed you at Addie's birthday party this weekend - we'll look forward to seeing you soon! Love ya!

Susan said...

I love the pictures. I especially love to see how your tummy is growing. I am still planning to come to Abilene this summer. I just can't seem to get my act together. Call me soon!
Love you- Susan

Sarah J. said...

I'm so sad we missed you while you were here in San Antonio!! Glad you had a good time. Hopefully, we can get together again one of these days!


Hollie Reese said...

I would love to take Riley to Sea World! How fun! You look amazing! Of course, you are always beautiful!!