Dec 16, 2008

My Crazy Kids

This is what Ava would look like every day if I let her dress herself. She has the makings of a fashion designer.  In this ensemble she is sporting silver shoes, striped tights, a giraffe print skirt, a pink sweater over a grey short sleeve sweater over a floral print shirt, and a scarf wrapped around her head. This was her "after school" outfit today. She told me her other outfit was just too boring. For the record I do let her dress herself most days, but I usually have to help her tone it down a bit especially on school and church days. Today at school she insisted on wearing a purple shirt under her red sweater just to keep warm. I didn't argue since it's freezing outside, but when I picked her up she had taken off the sweater, and had been wearing a purple and blue heart print t-shirt with brown and red leggings all day.  Awesome! This girl has a mind of her own. (I'm not sure why these turned out blurry. . .)

Pretending to be scared!
Playing an air guitar. . .
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."
Pierson is obsessed with anything that looks remotely like a ball. He can spot them from 50 feet away, so you can imagine the joy when he woke up to a tree filled with balls. We have had to move many of them up after a few got thrown and broken.  He is such a ham right now. He loves to make people laugh by playing peek-a-boo and dancing. It's like he knows he's goofy and he acts silly just to get a reaction.  He will be 15 months old tomorrow and says several words: ball, basetball (basketball), two, mama, da (dad), Aba (Ava), ha (hat), papa, shoe, go, boo (book), ni-ni (night night), lots of animal sounds, owsigh (outside), tan-tu (thank you), cacker (cracker), ju (juice), bath tie (bath time), and he signs please, thank you, more, milk, and blows kisses to say bye-bye.  He is so much fun. We love watching him grow and learn! 

Chad's mini-me
He wouldn't take off his hat when we got home. He's loves wearing anything on his head (including Ava's headbands and tiaras.)
Smiley boy


Kate said...

Those are so cute! I love Ava's feisty personality in those pictures! And Pierson is so sweet in his hat. He really does look like Chad in that second one with the hat on!

JENNY said...

Those pictures are adorable. I love Ava's faces and Pierson's sweet personality! So cute.

Allison Connor said...

This is too cute! She is so full of personality!!

Hollie Reese said...

Those are two of the cutest kids I have ever seen. Ava is so funny and Pierson is just so sweet!

Courtney said...

Ava cracks me up! We miss you guys! I miss getting to be around your kids and knowing their personalities. I hope you guys have a fantastic Christmas!