Dec 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

Small Group "80's Skate" Party
Kate and Brandon (with a mullet wig)
Ava and I made a gingerbread house! I iced while she put the candy on.
Early Christmas at our house--Santa brought a train table!
Took the kids to look at Christmas lights, but they both fell asleep before we saw any.

Christmas day with the Walters side of the family in Decatur
Ava and sweet cousin Karaline
Pierson hitting his new baseball
Swinging with G-Sir outside
Football with the boys
Chad taught Pierson "Down, set, hut!"-- Look at that stance.
Seeing the musical "Annie" at the Bass Hall
Ava LOVED it and has been singing "It's a hard knock life" ever since.
Downtown Fort Worth Christmas Tree
Christmas with the Pierson side of the family at Kate's house
Matching hats (above) and matching sock monkey outfits below
Playing with  K-Papa
Pierson and Sasi
A new drum and harmonica-- What a fun Christmas this year!


Kate said...

Great Christmas pictures. I love the one of you and Ava at the Bass Hall. It's so cute. I love being close and spending time with your kids. Happy New Year!

Amy said...

I love the pictures! Great 80's get-ups you guys! It was SO great seeing you the other day. We miss yall and we're so thankful for you. Love you lots!

Gayle said...

Well, look here!! I was looking around on a scrapbooking site and there was a place on there that said click here for top Abilene blogs and I clicked and there were photos of my favorite Pierson girls!!! I love all the photos. Your children are beautiful and those Pierson girls are still just sooooooo beautiful. Love those mathcing hats.

I love you,
Gayle Taylor

mindy said...

Sounds like yall had a great Christmas, with lots of fun activities! PLEASE tell me where you got the Monkey shirts...Sam is a monkey maniac and loves sock monkeys and i love these shirts!!!! Ava and Pierson are growing so fast - it's just amazing. Love you! Hugs!