Oct 2, 2005

3 Goals

One of the reasons we are looking forward to our move to Abilene is time! We want to simplify! It's not just about having more time, but using the time we have been given wisely. I know that relocating isn't going to suddenly take the issue of busyness away, but I do hope that it will allow us to spend more time together as family, and have more time to develop things in ourselves that we have no time for with our current schedules. I know that Chad wants to be able to run more and spend more quality time with us at home. With little to no paperwork to bring home, and a 5 minute commute, I think he'll be able to accomplish those things. My three goals are all somewhat selfish in nature, but I really think that if I spend just a little bit of time bettering myself, I will be a better mom, wife and friend.

First, I want to allow myself time for reading and writing. This sounds basic, but let me clarify: these will be books that I want to read for fun at my own pace because they interest me, not because I am in a study and am expected to read a certain number of chapters a week. And I want to write. I am actually working on this one now. Even if writing is in blog form, I want to be able to express my thoughts even if no one reads them. It helps me to get them out there.

Second, I want to work out at least 3 days a week. I think I will be able to do this at the Hendrick work out center, and I am looking forward to it! Hopefully, I can find a class that I'll enjoy and a work out partner who will call me and kick me in the hiney if I try to skip! (Kate might be good at this.)

And third, I want to audit an Art class. Creating has always been an emotional and stress outlet for me; I have not done anything truly artistic in some time. (I take that back, I have painted canvases, but these again are for other people based on what they want, and add to my list of things I need to get done.) I fear that I am losing the creative person that I once was. I actually don't even think I am all that talented an artist, but it's something I do for me, as a release and to better myself.

These are my three goals. I just thought I would put them out there so if anyone reads this, they can hold me to them! I hate setting New Year's Resolutions because I beat myself up with guilt about 3 months in, when I start breaking them. So I don't want these goals to be yet another thing that hangs over my head causing me to feel guilty because I'm not getting it all done. Rather, I am hoping to look at them as things I'll be proud if I accomplish, even for a time.


Robert said...

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Derek Rydall said...

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Chad said...


I admire you for who you are and for who you want to become. I hope that you reach those goals because I know they are important to you. I hope you also know that I love you for who you are right now!


jkreggp said...

I like those goals because I like writing, I like reading for pleasure, and I like working out. We are looking forward to you guys coming West.
Love, DAD

Kate said...

I was thinking yesterday how excited I am for the 3 of you to be here. I look forward to seeing you at church, going to garage sales, and hanging out casually and easily. And I look forward to working out with you at the health club, and I promise to call and make you come even if you don't want to. :)

Chris Thompson said...


I can call you to make sure that you are working out, too. I have read Richard Simmons auto-biography 5 times. I think that I have learned a lot from "How to Lose Weight and Your Sense of Social Acceptability." Since reading it, I have chosen to dress in a pastel tank top and running shorts everyday. I have grown my hair out and gotten a perm. I think that it has really helped me feel better about who I am on the inside. Although, I don't think that my principal really appreciates my dress. He said something about professionalism, but isn't being yourself the most professional thing you can do. Are you with me people? Yeah!!!

I am weird. Take care, and Jenny and I can't wait to see you guys. Peace.

JENNY said...


I apologize for the above comment. Chris and I don't have many friends up here in Colorado and he tends too get a little out of hand with any communication to the outside world. haha! just kidding!

I respect you summer and love that you are working towards being a better wife, mother and friend. What an encouragement you are! Thanks for sharing. Maybe we can take a few runs/walks during Christmas!

Chris Thompson said...

I have friends: God, Jesus, and Jenny. I guess two of those are more like all powerful and omniscient deities, but they are even better than friends.

Shelly said...

God created you with so many wonderful characteristics and gifts---one being the gift of creativity! You may not see yourself as a great artist, but I can pretty much guarantee you that anyone who knows you and reads this is thinking quite the opposite. I look forward to hearing about your art class! Love you--

Julia said...

Though I am sad that all of your goals will be accomplished 2 1/2 hours away from me, I am thrilled that this move is leading you back to so many of the things that made me love you in the first place! I still remember our freshman year at ACU being so impressed by your creativity and what a unique individual you were (and still are!). I can still picture you sitting on the floor of our apartment sophmore year mod-podging like crazy! And the thought of "Jan" on the fireplace still brings a smile to my face! I can't wait to see what new creations you will make...

mrs. mayo said...

You probably have NO idea who I am - I'm married to James Mayo, if you remember him. ANYWAY... we just moved to Abilene from Dallas -and let me tell you it is the best thing we could have done for our family.
We see eachother HOURS more per day, take more time to appreciate the little things, enjoy life at a slower pace... I could go on and on. And I know Kate is so excited about ya'll being here!
Also, I work at ACU and just found out it is only $35 dollars to audit a class! I may do that myself.
I also know how sad it is to leave your first home. I cried my eyes out. But the sadness only lasted for one day - Kaitlyn loves her new house, and we have really seen her flourish during this time of transition. I think she senses the stress relief as much as we feel it!
Good luck to your family as you begin this new journey!

Blair said...

Summer and Chad-

You two are so cool! I think it's awesome that you're moving to Abilene. I hate how frantically fast-paced everything is in big cities. I am envious of you guys for moving to one of the greatest cities in the world. I'd say it will be hard to see you go, but I haven't seen either of you in 6 years, so I guess I'll be okay.

Dang - I want to move to a small town now!

Blair T.