Feb 3, 2011

Snow Days


Played in the snow,

made snow angels,
went sledding on the play set,

slid into mounds of snow,
snuggled up and watched movies,
played with play dough,
warmed up by the fire,
pretended to be Josh Hamilton
and little orphan Annie working at a restaurant,
made snow ice cream and...
we still have another day ahead of us! What will we come up with tomorrow?


Corey and Julia said...

Love it! I'm so impressed you're being so productive during these snow days :). I think I've accomplished 2 things in 4 days. Not exactly good odds! I blame the three loud kids!

Leah said...

I like the kitchen cabinets! We are loving being at home. FUN snow times!

Erica said...

Looks like your kids are having a blast. I wish we had a restaurant in our house the past few days to order from;-) Glad you are back in the blogging game.

Naomi said...

Looks like you all had a great time together. We were out for 4 days, too. We will most likely be out tomorrow. Your kids are getting so big! They are adorable!

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