Jan 8, 2010

Walters Christmas 2009 Recap

We had fun in the snow on Christmas eve in Abilene!

We attempted sledding at ACU, but an artic blast thwarted our plans. K-Papa and Pierson were still brave enough to play in the blizzard. Ava and I watched from the car. It was seriously cold!

We dug in the attic to find snowsuits from Kaden and Karaline. Funny thing is the blue "boy" snowsuit is a size 5 and would have fit Ava but she refused to put it on, insisting instead to squeeze herself into a girl's size 2 snowsuit. Notice how short it is on her. That thing was tight! All in the name of fashion...we couldn't be seen out in a blizzard in boy's snowsuit, now could we?

The great-grandkids on the Thompson side. Cuties!

It wouldn't be Christmas without lots of scrabble.

This is our attempt at a cousin pyramid. I guess everyone's grown a little since we last tried this. Ava, Bryce, and Pierson were supposed to be on the very top, but we didn't get organized in time. The bottom row was hurtin'!

The annual icing of the sugar cookies with Vicki and the cousins. Grandma and Grandpa got in on the action too.

More icing. . .

Christmas morning at our house-- no time like the present to iron your new shirt.

Pierson, cousin Eydie and Ava posing in front of the tree

For Christmas this year, both of my kids asked Santa for things that cannot be purchased in a store. Pierson requested an ACU baseball uniform.
A few weeks ago, I told him, "Pierson, I love you."
His response: "And I love baseball."

Ava asked Santa for an Annie dress. Apparently you can only buy those on e-bay at Halloween. Lucky for us, Santa knows a great seamstress who loves these kids enough to spend the month of December sewing! Thank you, mom! (Note to readers: If you happen to see our kids and mention their Christmas gifts, don't forget that they believe Santa and his elves sewed them.)

Mom and dad on Christmas morning

Disclaimer: Somehow I managed not to take a single picture when we spent time with Chad's family for New Years. Sorry about that Walters' fam. I guess I was too busy having fun to get out my camera. If any of you took pictures, we would love to have some copies.


JENNY said...

Christmas was so much fun this year! I loved seeing you guys. Can't wait for May and for your sale in March.

Kate said...

Love the baseball uniform and Annie dress! They are so cute!

Jenny Wilkinson said...

Looks like I missed out on some good snow in Abilene. I also need to get the number of that talented elf. Those outfits are great.

Candy said...

One year on Christmas Eve Max decided he wanted Santa to bring him real chaps. Like the cowboys wear. Real ones. Santa delivered. Santa is amazing. I have stories that would make you roll.

Ann Reese said...

Loved looking at the pictures. Man, we miss you guys! Love you guys so very much.

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