Jul 24, 2009

Art Camp '09

Ava wanted to go to a camp this summer and after looking into our limited options for preschoolers, I decided to create an art camp on my own. July 6th-10th I taught a Preschool Art Camp from 9 to noon and an Elementary Art Camp from 2 to 5. What a week! It was a ton of fun and hard work, but I think the kids enjoyed it. We featured an artist everyday, worked on daily sketchbooks and skills, and created 9 projects from a variety of mediums to take home. Here are some pictures from the week:

My Cute Preschool Class
My Wild and Crazy Elementary Kiddos
One of the preschool tables with their helper, Miss Jaci
Japanese style Shoji Screen 
(tissue paper, wax paper, craft foam and ribbon)
Clay Bowl
(air dry clay)

Paper Mache Bowl
(paper mache, newsprint, and tissue paper)

Self Portrait
(pencil, marker and crayon on drawing paper)

Dali inspired Surreal Collage
(magazine cut outs and pastels on pastel paper)

Abstract Painting
(paint on paper)

Mosaic Stepping Stone
(tile and marble in cement)

Watercolor Still Life
(pencil, watercolor and marker on watercolor paper)

Warhol inspired Pop Art
(watercolor on photocopied prints)

Ava showing off her Art Camp Diploma
My amazing table helpers
I couldn't have made it through the week without them!
Every kid got to take home their Art Bucket full of supplies to keep 
creating at home and their art camp aprons.
Stay tuned for photos from our New York trip. . .


Monica said...

WOW Summer!!! I am so impressed. How fun for those kids. That is what you call a get in there and do it Mom!! You are so talented in this area. What a neat deal for you to share that with the kids. I see little Anna got to attend your camp too. I am glad Ava got her camp! Good job mom.

Whitney said...

I heard the camp was awesome! Great job! I want to send Morgan next year!

Kara said...

wowzers! again, i'm amazed at your creativity, energy, and thoughtfulness!

Chesley said...

How fun! You are always so creative!

JENNY said...

You are so creative, Summer. I am super impressed! That looks like a ton of work. I'm glad you were able to pull it off. It looks like the kids loved it!!

Leah said...

Fun! Ava was telling me about NY-can't wait to see pics

Unknown said...

Sign my kids up for next year!! We'll come to Abilene for the week to get in on that camp! Hayley would LOVE it! I'm amazed at all you guys accomplished. I know it was a blast for the kids. Miss you TONS and love you! --Shelma

TTidmore said...

Thanks again Summer for doing this. All of Anna's art is still being displayed on our fireplace.

Candy said...

Oh my gosh woman! This is highly imressive! Those projects are amazing! Great job! They look like they had a blast.