Jul 14, 2006

Jesus diapered all the babies

After bath time, Ava, Chad and I usually sing a couple of songs, read or tell stories, and pray before bedtime. Here are a couple of my favorite Ava bed time stories:

As I was singing songs with Ava, I asked her, "What song do you want to sing now?" Ava's response was, "Jesus put diapers on babies." Not sure about this one, so I asked her to sing it. Ava started to sing, "Jesus loves the little babies, all the babies of the world, every color dark and light, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little babies of the world." This song I am familiar with. We sing "babies" instead of "children," and "every color dark and light" instead of "red, and yellow, black and white," but still I was confused about the diapers. Then she proceeded to verse two. "Jesus diapered all the babies, all the babies of the world. . . " Somewhere along the way, I had sung, "Jesus died for all the babies. . ." Ava has no frame of reference for the word "died," but she certainly knows a diaper, so in her mind, Jesus diapered all those babies. He must be one tired guy!

Last week, we were reading from Ava's picture Bible, and we were on the story of Abraham (which in her version is a very short poem about Abraham leaving his homeland to be father of all. It makes no mention of Sarah or Isaac.) Ava pointed to the picture of Abraham, Sarah and Isaac to the left and said, "Who's that?" I told her, "This is Abraham and his baby Isaac and this is Isaac's mommy." Her response was, "Sarah!" Stunned, I looked at Chad, who had a similar expression on his face. Neither of us could remember the last time we had read this particular story and pointed out and named Sarah. It was sweet to know that she is soaking in so much of God's word, and a little bit scary to think how much of everything else she is soaking in too! She copies everything we do and say!

Ava sees Jesus in everything! Any photo of a man with unfamiliar attire and some facial hair is Jesus to her. Recently she has seen Jesus in a drawing of Shakespeare, an American Indian carved into wood at a local museum, and a photo of a man from the middle east. I'm glad that she's got Jesus on her radar!


Chesley said...

I just cracked up about Jesus diapering the babies. I agree he must be so tired! Summer, you and Chad have such a precious daughter. I am so happy that she is seeing Jesus everywhere. That must give you guys such a great peace.

Courtney said...

What a sweetie! It is so precious that you and Chad have spent your time filling her with thoughts of the Lord so that He is what comes spilling out in her thoughts and words! You two are great parents!

Shelly said...

I laughed so hard when I read this story! I've shared it multiple times. Happy Anniversary to you and Chad! Ava is SO blessed to have you 2 as her parents!!! Love and miss you---

Sandra said...

That story reminds me so much of you when you were that age. The first time I baked a pie and pulled it out of the oven in your presence you ran to the bedroom and returned with your mittens. We were living in Massachusetts at the time--so your mittens were easy to find. I was mystified until I remembered that your only frame of reference for a pie (up until that time) was in the nursery rhyme "The three little kittens". Children learning language say the cutest things!

stacie k said...

That's sweet. :) Your mom pointed me to your blog. Ava is so cute!

Monica Head said...

Summer I read your blog a couple of days ago. Since then I have thought about Jesus diapering all the babies and giggled. What a cute little girl you have. I enjoy all your stories. Sure miss seeing you guys at church. Sounds like Abilene is good.

stacie k said...

Hey Summer we missed you at the Lowell reunion this weekend! We did get to see some pictures of you guys that your mom had though.

erin said...

I just found your blog, it's so sweet! I'm living in Burleson now and teaching high school English in Cleburne. My little girl, Sara Jane, is 18month.
Hope to hear from you.