Jul 8, 2006

4th of July Fun!

This is Ava watching the fireworks at Nelson Park. She made this face almost the whole night. The lights and sounds surprised and excited her every time! I loved experiencing fireworks for the first time again through her eyes!
Watching fireworks with Daddy!

Loaded this picture before I saw it up close and realized
how rough I look in it with my eyes half shut. Don't know
how to delete one without losing them all. Oh well.
We spent the 4th of July weekend with the Thompson side of the family in Brownwood. We ate great food, played games, and hung out on the lake all weekend! In this picture, Ava fell asleep on the boat ride. You can barely see her under her life jacket.
Pretending to drive the boat!
Can you believe how blond she's getting?

Swinging with Great-Grandpa at the Lake. Ava stood by the door all weekend talking whoever walked by into taking her outside to either "Swing high,""Go see the lake," "See the dog," or "Go in the boat."

That's me and Ava tubing (very slowly) behind the boat. She said,
"Whee. I like it!" as soon as she realized we were moving.

Ava and me floating in the lake!

This is a cousins dog paddling contest. Jenny and Joe won with an impressive 1 hour and 20 minutes. I was out after a long and painstaking 12 minutes. I'm obviously not a swimmer. . .
P.S. Dad is safely back from Israel, and recovering from jet lag. He has great stories and cool souveniers-- I got a 4,000 year old pottery shard from the dig and a tooth dug up from an animal that was probably sacrificied around the same time! Thanks for your prayers for his safe return.


Courtney said...

How fun! Everything becomes more exciting and new when doing it with a child. What a blessing they are to our view of life. We love and miss you guys!

Julia said...

I love seeing all the pictures of your sweet family! Nice goatee Chad! I hate not getting to be in on all those fun life moments with your family & seeing Ava change & grow every week. She's so precious to us! Glad you updated the site!
Love you.

Chesley said...

O.K. 12 minutes is impressive to me Summer! It was fun looking at your pictures. I cracked up at what you wrote under the picture of you and Ava. You still look great even with your eyes half shut!

Kara Sheets said...

ava was so fun to watch on the 4th! your dog paddling story reminds of the Sheets Family Swim Relay in Cancun. I was the master doggy paddler, but only for the short distance sprint. There is no way I could go for more than 12 minutes. kudos to you!

Kelly Cooper said...

I can not even believe Ava is so big, and saying so many full sentences! I tried really hard to make it for Summer Spectacular this year because Teresa told me you guys were coming in town, but I was too busy! :( Anyway, she's just a s cute as ever! I still call her my favorite baby! :) Let me know when you guys come in town again! Maybe we could do lunch or something! Hope everything is going really amazing for you guys!

Seth Thompson said...

Pardon me but I believe I won the dog paddling contest with 1 hour and 23 minutes. I accept your apology.