Nov 20, 2005

Give Thanks

I am thankful every day for my Ava. She adds joy and color to my life!
These are pictures from a Thanksgiving party we went to with some church friends. The kids dressed as pilgrims and indians. They were so cute!


Jenna said...

What a precious pilgrim! Happy Thanksgiving!

Chad said...

Read Mike Copes blog from today. He pauses to remember his daughter because she died 11 yrs. ago today. Just a reminder that every child (especially AVA) is such a blessing from God. You are a great mom!

Brooks Inc. said...


I so love ever moment I am around you...each of them are gifts straight from the Lord's hand. I am excited for the new chapter He is writing in yall's life and look forward to hearing about it as His perfect plan unfolds...May He continue to lavish you with the gifts that only He can give. You are a channel of His love and I am so thankful for the times our paths cross! Blessings over your holidays-


JENNY said...

Oh my goodness!! Ava just gets cuter and cuter!!

Kate said...

You and Chad have such a sweet little pilgrim! Can I keep her for a while? Love you!