Sep 6, 2009

Pierson Reed

Pierson is such a funny little man. He is 23 months and has become such a talker. In the last 3 or 4 months, his language has exploded! I am amazed at all of things is starting to say and put together.  Looking back I realized that I haven't posted as much about him as I did about Ava at his age. Poor second children. . . they are so neglected. I have found it so much harder to stop and write things down with 2 kids. But I have to record some of my favorite Pierson stories. They are too funny and I don't want to forget this age. 

1. While looking at a book that his Grandma Ruby put together of various sports clippings, Pierson was pointing at different pictures and asking, "What's dat?" I was naming, football, helmet, baseball, glove, etc. He pointed to one picture and asked, "Who's dat?" I replied with "That's a football player." He looked up at me and said, "No. Dat's Tony Romo." He was right. Apparently Chad had been naming the players and Pierson was expecting me to do the same. I only got a few right, and still need to get a tutorial from Chad before I read that book with him again. I can't believe my 23 month old has already surpassed my sports knowledge.  

2. Pierson LOVES baseball. I have never seen a kid like one sport so much. He talks about baseball as soon as he wakes up, plays ball all day, and I think he must dream about it too. He knows all the words to "Take me out to the ball game" and wants us to sing it to him every night as he falls asleep. He loves his baseball pajamas and likes to sleep wearing his glove and baseball shoes. Precious.

3. One my favorite games to play with Pierson right now is pretend baseball. It is almost more fun than the real thing. With real baseball, a lot of time is spent chasing after a ball that neither one of us can catch very well. But pretend baseball is great. He looks over his glove, looks down, winds up, throws a pitch and I back up and pretend to catch it in my glove. This goes back and forth. Sometimes he dives for the ball. Sometimes he runs deep. Sometimes he pretends to miss and says,"Oh, almost!" We also pretend hit. When he's pitching to me, I have to wait to see if he calls a strike or waits for me to run to see if I pretend hit it or not!  He'll yell, "Run the bases, Mama!" I also love to watch him hit. He has better form than I do and sometimes taps the plate and his shoes before getting in his batter stance. We never taught him any of this. He just picks it up from watching the players! He lets me know when I'm supposed to run the bases and slide home. Turns out I'm pretty good pretend ball player. I think I've made about 12 home runs this week. . .

3. Pierson says, the "y" sound instead of "l" which I think is so cute.  We went to Lake Brownwood this weekend f0r Labor Day and while riding in the boat, Pierson exclaimed excitedly, "I yove the yake!"

4. Pierson loves his friends right now. He prays often for LeviWoll (Levi and Will-- his little twin buddies) and Mammox (Maddox). One night while listing off the names of several of his little 2 year old friends, Pierson added, "and Brandon" (His adult uncle.) I thought that was sweet. I think Pierson sees Brandon as one of the kids. It doesn't hurt that he's an assistant baseball coach at ACU so Pierson pretty much idolizes him.  

5. For some reason which I cannot figure out, Pierson has connected Dora the Explorer with our children's minister, Suzetta Nutt. He thinks they are one and the same. He asks to watch "Suzetta and Boots," he points to pictures of Dora in books and says, "Suzetta" every time. For those who don't know these two, Dora is a hispanic 4 year old and Suzetta is in her 40s and has blond hair. And although Ava tries to explain the difference all the time, Pierson cannot be convinced that Dora and Suzetta are not the same person. 

6. He loves to wear his baseball shoes (tennis shoes) all the time. I can hardly get him to put on anything else.  He has been sleeping in them lately because he never wants to take them off. He also loves to wear his baseball hat like K-Papa and daddy. He feels he must be wearing these two items in order to throw, hit or catch a baseball, even a pretend one. 

7. I know that most of these are about sports, but Pierson really is fascinated with any kind sport. In the evenings when Chad gets home, he and Pierson usually sit down and watch baseball, and now football. Sometimes they find a soccer or even a tennis game. I am endlessly  amazed at how long these sporting events hold his attention. He also loves his daddy. Once Chad comes home, he wants to be by his side until bed time. It's so sweet to see how much they both love to be together. 

8. Pierson also loves his baby cousin, Eydie. The other day out of the blue he came to me and said, "I wan see baby Eydie. She's coot (cute)." We had to take a walk to Kate's house to fulfill such a sweet request.

9. Ava and Pierson have been playing great together lately. She recently said that if we have another baby she hopes it's a boy because boys are so funny. Pierson will do anything to make her laugh. It usually involves some kind of slap stick fall. He will do it over and over as long as she keeps laughing. 

10. Pierson is a jokester. We took him to his first Major League game at The Ballpark in Arlington last month. The Rangers were playing the Red Sox. Pierson heard people yelling, "Go Red Sox," and starting chanting that too. Chad told him to say "Go Rangers" not Red Sox, but this only made Pierson laugh. Now any time we watch baseball he yells, "Go Red Sox" and then turns to see Chad's reaction. Chad always says, "No not the Red Sox!" which Pierson thinks is hilarious. He's now started cheering for the Eagles instead of the Cowboys too. . .


Kara Sheets said...

pierson is one cool dude! he makes it into will & levi's prayers every night, so it's sweet to think about them already praying for one another!
and the kid has more baseball skills than i do!

katie_marie said...

Hahahahahaha!! I am seriously lol here in the middle of the office!! Confusing Suzetta and Dora?? That's priceless! Have you ever seen the SNL mockery of Dora? It might be worth a google.

Kate said...

I'm so glad you posted some Pierson stories! That kid is hilarious...I love his sweet little antics! Brandon was proud that he made it in Pierson's list of friends! And he will definitely be entertaining Eydie for years!

JENNY said...

I love these stories!!! I'm glad you shared. He is so cute.

Candy said...

He sounds amazingly like Max when he was that age. We spent hours playing baseball. I like to tell him he learned everything he knows about the game from his mom. So not true. He and Geoff spent hours just like Chad and Pierson. It goes fast girl. You'll be so glad you wrote these down!

Kasey said...

Summer! I'm so glad you wrote those stories... They are adorable and I hate not being able to come to family functions and see for myself! I'm glad he loves the lake cause I sure do too!

Hollie Reese said...

I really think our kids could be related! They sound so much alike! Your kiddos are really growing and are just adorable. We are coming to A-town this weekend..would love to see you!