Jun 5, 2008

Quick Photo Post for the Fam

Chad turned 30 last month, and for his birthday, he asked for everyone in his family to meet together on Memorial Day Weekend at his dad's gravesite to remember him and tell stories. It was a sweet time with Walters' family.



Peek-A-Boo with Pierson! I love his smile in these pictures. . . he is such a happy little guy!

Mom and Ava at the zoo

Pierson doing his daily push ups. He is "army crawling" all over the place now.

Bradyn's graduation from A High

Ava's into dressing herself lately. Here she is modeling a lovely red, white and blue stars and stripes dress with pastel stripe and polka dot carpis, and dress up shoes. Lovely! And yes, we did go to the store like that. I have to choose my battles.


Brooks Inc. said...


I love the way you all spent Memorial day...what a blessing the Walters family is and has been in our lives for years. Ruby was my principal in elementary...good times!

I also loved reviewing your garage sale purchases...I am very impressed!

Pierson and Ava are as cute ever!

Love you-


Kara Sheets said...

i love the push up picture of pierson! so funny

Courtney said...

The kids are so cute! I check faithfully to try to keep up with you guys! Love you!

summer said...

Here is the site I was telling you about:


You just email her to place an order. Good to visit with you last night!

Melissa L said...

Hey I started a blog today and I have a cute picture of ava and bryson.

Beverly Ross said...

Summer, my husband is the preacher in Decatur - I met you a few weeks ago at church here. I stumbled on your blog and love it! What precous pics!