Sep 11, 2007

Ava turns 3!

On Saturday, we had Ava's 3rd Birthday Party! It was fun this year because she was so into every detail and had anticipated the party for weeks. She told every stranger we met, "When I turn 3, I'm going to have a Flip Flop Party with chocolate cake and a jump house." It was a big day! If you know Ava at all, you know her obsession with shoes, particularly flip flops. She picked the theme of her party this year! Here are some pictures of the day. Somehow I managed to get through the party with no photos of the jump house, which was the highlight of the party. We did get video footage though! I made it through the day without going to labor which was a plus also. Now we're just awaiting Pierson's birth day!

Showing how old she is...

Playing her new pink guitar

Blowing out candles on the flip flop cake

Opening presents

Lining up cars to make a "Sea World parking lot."

There are so many things that I love about my daughter at this age. Here are some things that I don't want to forget about Ava at age 3:
1.The way she rolls her eyes and nods her head when she says something she knows is funny or cute!
2. The way she sings all the time and when she is singing praise songs, she lifts her hands to God.
3.That she finds slapstick humor hilarious! Any one who is willing to fall on the floor, run into a door, or bump their head on her behalf becomes her new best friend!
4. She is so sweet with babies, talking in a high voice and trying to mother them.
5. Her favorite toy right now is matchbox cars. She loves to line them up in little "parking lots."
6. The way she likes to pretend shes the mama and fix my hair
7. Her giggle
8. She likes us to "scratch her back and tell stories" at bedtime.
9. Her interest in shoes, especially flip flops, shiny shoes, high heels, and "farkly" (sparkly) shoes
10. Her interest in Spanish because of Dora the Explorer. It cracks me up when she says something that sounds like jibberish and then tells me, "I'm just speaking in Spanish."
I could go on and on, but right now she is done with her bath and I need to go help with the bedtime routine!


Kara Sheets said...

she looks like a guitar rock-star already! happy bday ava!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday, Ava! It's so hard to believe that it has been three years since we got your phone call that Ava was here! She is beautiful and precious, just like her mommy!

mindy tyndall said...

Happy Birthday Ava!!! I love all your party pictures! We can hardly wait to see your new baby brother! Summer - you look great! And I love the "things you love about Ava" precious!

Chesley said...

I love Ava's little outfit! It is so cute and perfect for her party! The way she parks her cars I thought for a moment she was Garrett. They would have a grand parking lot if they put their cars together. Happy Birthday to Ava!

I can remember being at Corey and Julia's when she got the call your water had broken. I keep checking in about Pierson. Can't wait to see him. Glad you made it through the party without going into labor. :)

Chesley said...

Oh and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her cake! How cute is that!

Kelly, Candace, Brendan & Corbin said...

Happy Birthday, Ava!!! Corbin turns 3 Oct 4th and I can tell you that his guitar is one of his most valued treasures....Candace

Kate said...

Oh yeah! She knows how to rock! It was a great party. And I'm glad Pierson didn't decide to make an appearance at it too! Love you.

Nicole said...

What a fun party!! I love the theme. SO impressed that she came up with that on her own. TOO CUTE!!

Brooks Inc. said...

Oh Summer! What a doll she is...and such a bringer of joy to all who know her (Just like her mom!)

Eagerly awaiting news on Pierson! Praying for you-