Mar 1, 2007

Big Sister

Sorry I haven't posted in quite a while. The truth is that when I have found any free time, I have been busy napping. . . if you haven't heard, I'm pregnant! I'm almost 11 weeks and due in late September. In addition to being very excited, I have beeen very tired and a little pukey. Ava is pumped about being a big sister and talks about it almost daily! She actually had quite a hand in praying for this baby. Chad and I had been trying for some time. Then a little over a month ago, as Chad was tucking Ava in, she asked if she could pray for a baby sister. Chad said he thought that would be a great idea. Ava looked up to heaven and yelled, "I want a baby sister!" After a few seconds of quiet, she leaned over to Chad and whispered, "He said, 'Uh-huh.'" Chad said that if I ended up being pregnant this month, we'd know that Ava has a direct line to God. Apparently she does because after months of trying, I found out about a week later that we were expecting! I love that girl, and look forward to the joys the next one will bring. Here are a few pictures since I haven't posted any in a while: