Jan 13, 2007

Just catching up

I've been feeling overwhelmed at the thought of writing a new post because I don't know where to begin. I guess I'll just start with what has been heavy on our hearts this holiday:

1. Two of our dearest friends here in Abilene are Zach and Kara Sheets. A few days before Christmas, Zach's younger brother, Tyler, died in a car accident. He was a freshman at ACU and an amazing guy! You never saw him without a smile. It's hard to write about, even now. I feel like my words are so inadequate to express the deep sorrow we have felt with and for the entire Sheets family. Tyler was one of 10 siblings in an incredibly close knit family. Over the past few weeks, we have cried and prayed and laughed remembering Tyler. His life, though short, was lived fully and authentically for God. Please continue to offer up prayers for family and friends of Tyler in the coming weeks and months.

2. Nothing seems like a good follow up to that, but I will share a few Ava stories some of you might enjoy:

Over Christmas, I got in the mood to rearrange so I had Chad help me move the couch. Ava had been out of the room at the time and when she walked back in to the new furniture arrangement, her reaction was priceless," Mommy, I love it! It's awesome! It's cool." She went on and on about the room with more excitement than she expressed on Christmas morning. Chad and I were cracking up. His comment: "She definitely takes after you!"

This morning Ava told me that Dotty (our dog) is her granddaughter.

Ava is almost entirely potty trained, except for night time. We are very excited about this new phase of life, but I find myself constantly looking for bathroom signs and mapping out the fastest routes when we are out. She is pretty good about telling me when she needs to go, but I have short window of time to get her to a potty, so I have to think fast and run hard.

3. We had a great holiday with family in both Fort Worth and Austin. We enjoyed spending time with my new great-nephew, Bryson. I feel much to young to be a great-aunt, but I loved holding him. Ava had so much fun with her cousins. She talks about them constantly. In her mind, she relates anything funny to Kallan. So if she's trying to be funny, she says," I silly like Kallan!"

4. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be more laid back. I like laid back people, and would love it if someone used this term to describe me, but I unfortunately tend to lean towards the opposite personality descriptions-- high strung, uptight, and the ever popular "OC" (obsessive compulsive,) none of which, by the way, are endearing terms. On more than one occasion I have been compared to Monica on Friends. Seriously, am I that bad? I hope that I can learn to let the little things go and enjoy the moment. I really am working on it, but I have to confess that I did iron my newly washed sheet today-- only the top of the sheet though, not the whole thing. I hear that Oprah likes a crisp sheet, so maybe it's not so bad. Now I'm embarrassed I even admitted that, but rather than deleting it, I will be laid back and let you all know the real me. . . even if I am a little more like Monica than I'd like to admit.

Hope you enjoyed this, Nicole. Peace!


Chesley said...

lratfgI love crisp sheets!
I will also say that Summer you are one person that is so dependable and organized. I like these traits in you because I know that I can always count on you to follow through with something and I know that it will be done well. Being a "Monica" is not all bad. :)Just think what the world would be like without any Monica's!

Chesley said...

I see that I typed the letter verification in my post up there. I knew I had typed it somewhere... I just couldn't find it.

Nicole said...

SO proud of you!! Ha. :)

I agree with Chelsey though. I love your personality. I can think of nothing that I could even criticize about it. I look up to you in so many ways that you wanting to be different feels weird. I'll get over it though. Don't worry about me. HA!!!! I am cracking myself up typing this out.

Ironing the sheets? Are you kidding? Are you trying to make the rest of us look bad? I'm lucky if the clothes that I am wearing get ironed!

holly said...

I think we all wish we were like that "other person." Wether it is more laid back of more together. You are so together and organized I think it's great.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see you I think how "together" you seem to have it. So don't even think you come off as strange..because you definately don't! Ok...ironing the sheets...a LITTLE odd...but I won't hold it against you. ha! I iron VERY little...which is expensive when your hubby has to wear dress clothes daily. Oh the money I could save our family on dry cleaning bills! I just hate ironing. I will on occasion iron the kids church clothes..but thats it. haha

Oh..and this might make you feel a little better. My husbands mom irons her PAJAMAS. Yes...OCD right there. haha

Summer said...

For the record, I actually rarely iron my clothes and definitely not my pajamas. I just have one set of 100% cotton sheets that seems to work its way into a knot by the time I get it out of the dryer. It bugs me so I iron them. What can I say?

And thanks for all the encouragement. Blogs are good for self-esteem. I appreciate all of your varied personalities and wouldn't change them either!

Courtney said...

Summer, I too have ironed my sheets. Again, not the whole thing but the top part that shows when you turn it down. You are definitely not as bad as Monica and organization is a wonderful trait! It made you a great person to work with! I loved it when we had projects together because I knew you would pull off your part of the job beautifully. Sorry we missed seeing you over Christmas! We continue to miss you guys!

Kara Sheets said...

i wouldn't say monica. she's a little more unpredictable than you are.
and as you could tell by my room last week- i need help with not being soooo laid back.

thanks for your words about tyler.

Kate said...

I think you're a good combination of organized and relaxed. I wish I had a little more motivation sometimes to do things like clean my house or pay the bills. But you are definitely getting more laid back...I can tell from watching you get on the floor and play with Ava!

Naomi said...

The Sheets family have been in my prayers too. They are such a wonderful family and it saddens me to know they are feeling such pain.

I loved all your stories about Ava. Kids are such a good source of entertainment, aren't they?

I have never thought of you as high strung or uptight! I have thought of you as a laid back person who has it all together. :)

erin said...

Hey girl, I just stumbled across your blog, hope you don't mind! I am now in Burleson, and David Galloway told us of this sad event with the Sheets family, they are in our prayers.
As for the other, I, too, am a Monica! I prefer to call it "being efficient."
Love ya girl,
Erin Shanks (Smith)

Shelly said...

I have had the thought, "Man, these sheets are so wrinkled. It would look a lot better if I ironed them." But I always follow it up with throwing them in the dryer a little longer and putting them on the bed slightly wrinkled. Props to you and Courtney for actually doing the ironing. Jack was ironing the floor yesterday w/ Hayley's play iron. The iron is not somthing that we bust out often around here. :)

Just remember who gave you your personality and that HE thinks you're the GREATEST and loves you just like you are---as do the rest of us who know you!

I LOVED Ava's reaction to the furniture. It made me laugh out loud. It is exactly something you would say! Love and miss you!

Amanda said...

I found you on Courtney's blog and am excited I did! I know you know this already, but your sweet family is missed around here! I'ved loved catching up by reading your posts! Ava is getting to be so grown up and is such a beauty!

And by the way, I think it's awesome that you ironed the sheets! It's nothing to be ashamed of! :o)


The Millers said...

Hey Summer! SO great to hear from you and glad your fam is wonderful! Shannon and Mike were so thankful for your rescue adn loved seeing you. Take care and give Ava kisses from us!

Heather said...

Don't change a thing. That's why I love to come visit you. Furniture is always freshly arranged and the sheets are crisp and warm from the iron. Above your sheets, I also love your honesty and deep desire to change and become more like Jesus.
Love you

Julia said...

Sorry I've been such a bad blog friend lately - some day I will update my site! Ditto to all that has been said. We love you the way you are, a little OCD and all! You help bring balance to our worlds. I can't wait to see you next week & be in your beautiful home & squeeze on Ava a bit. Love you!