Oct 5, 2006

Back to the 80's

There is a fine line between totally lame and rad to the max! Last weekend our small group had an 80's party and walked that fine line. . . we moon walked it! Here are some pictures to prove it. Blogger won't let me upload any more, so for more laughs, check out http://www.katestover.blogspot.com/ for our couples pictures and a full story of the night's events-- the good, the bad, and the ugly! Making an appearance at the Galaxy Grub definitely ranks on my top 5 lists of most awkward moments. But if you're going to show up at an ACU grub as a 29 year old mom, you might as well be wearing a lavendar poofy sleeved dress with really big hair!
This is what the Walters family might have looked like in 1986.

The boys are posing like the 80's band ( I forgot the name) album cover behind them. Check out Brandon's Miami Vice look-- so classic!

Like, what a cute little valley girl!

Here we are trying to jump and pose like the movie Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Anyone up for a 70's party next?


Courtney said...

Too fun! It looks like a blast was had by all. We missed you tonight but Ches gave me your hug!

Monica Head said...

Summer that is hysterical!! I checked Kate's blog also. It looks like you guys are doing well there in Abilene. Was Shelly Weed (I don't know her married name) in the group? One of the girls sure looked like her. Sweet little Ava looked great also!

Kara Sheets said...

fun times! the last picture still makes me cringe!

Noe Family said...

How fun!! Sounds like your group has a blast together. I read Chad's blog and he said your hair scared him. Ha,Ha. Ava looks so cute too. What did the Moonies do when yall walked in? They were probably thinking "Look at those old people." Seeing as these people were in 2nd grade when we were in college!! Yikes... Andrea

Chesley said...

I LOVE these pictures!!! Ava is a doll! I just crack up at you and Chad. That dress you have is great! It was great to talk with you last night. Sorry it was so quick. See you soon.

Summer said...

Hey Monica! Thanks for checking in, and to answer your question-- yes, that is Shelly (Weed)Sanders. She and her husband, Nathan, moved to Abilene this summer. Shelly is an English professor at ACU now! We love having them here! Good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well.

And Andrea, to answer your question, when we walked in to the grub, everyone was already seated because we got there late. I think we all thought that we'd just sneak in the back and blend in so as not to create a scene, but no such luck. We strolled in 45 minutes late so everyone was already eating. We had to walk in front of the entire group to get our food and take a grub photo. It was pretty much like a movie where the room falls silent and everyone stops to stare. No talking, no laughing, just awkward silence. I think most of the kids never figured out who we were and why we were there. I think they were waiting for us to break in to dance or be part of a skit or something. It was obvious that we did not fit in! Very funny!

Noe Family said...

Summer, what was the grub theme? Please tell me 80's. Haaaa!! Andrea

Tam said...

Nathan was Benjamin's 7th grade basketball coach, and he was the greatest. So glad they are hanging out with you guys.
Tell Chad Jim, Jessica and I are training to run the 1/2 marathon at the White Rock this year. Does he want to join us?
Tami Weaver

rachel said...
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mindy tyndall said...

Summer - this makes me laugh! The jump kind of reminds me of you on the kid's DVD - but the dress definintely makes it much more fun!
Thanks for all your prayers!

Calista said...

That's too funny! You guys have too much time on your hands in Abilene. Talk to you later, Calista