Sep 12, 2006

Good Morning, Patty!

So I spoke with my dear friend, Patty, a couple of days ago, who told me she checks my blog every morning after she gets to work. Talk about putting on the pressure to post more often! Everyday she checks only to be disappointed that once again there is nothing new, and then, wa-lah! Two posts in a row. Happy reading, Miss Patty!

This got me to thinking about who actually reads my blog. Patty has never posted a comment so I wonder who else has been secretly reading. Kind of creepy when you think about it. Have you ever cliked next blog in the upper right hand corner of your blog just to see where you end up? There are some pretty interesting folks out there. I actually don't recommend this practice because there's a pretty vulgar blogging culture outside of the family oriented bloggers I'm used to reading. It is interesting though to click and see that many of the other blogs are written in different languages. It makes me feel somehow connected in such a big world.

Isn't it crazy that you can use the word blog as a noun, verb and if you really stretch, an adjective?
I am a blogger.
I blog.
I have a blog.
This is blog world.
Fun Word! Hope all you non-posting blog readers out there have a good day!


mindy tyndall said...

So nice to read your post! We have some great photos of Summer Spectacular and I am going to burn them to a CD just for you!
You continue to be missed!
Take good care and give Ava some loving for me!
Hugs - Mindy

Noe Family said...

I posted something on my blog the other day with a sad picture of Hayden and me, just to see if anyone out there was reading my blog! No one ever posts comments. A few did comment that they read my blog, but I wondered how many "secret readers" I have too. I also check your blog every morning. I have you and some other people linked to my page, so I go down each one after I check email to see who has a new post. I do, however, lurk around on some of the people linked to your blog. Ah, the life of a stay at home mom!! Andrea

Julia said...

Wow- two in a row! I love reading your thoughts & seeing new pictures of the fam. Ava was so cute as a little ladybug. We're so looking forward to seeing you guys next week!
By the way, I love that you broke down the usage of the word "blog". Nerd. (As a fellow nerd, you know I mean that in the nicest way!)
Love ya!

Courtney said...

Look at you go! I think I check your blog almost every day too after checking e-mails so new ones are always exciting! I also wonder sometimes who is actually taking the time to read! You never know!

Noe Family said...

Hey Summer..two comments from Noe family on this blog entry! I can't get to Julia's blog anymore, can you? I've tried to click her link on my blog and your's and it won't come up. She commented on mine, but now I can't do the same to her. Help! Andrea

Noe Family said...

Ok, now I can get to hers through yours. Maybe it's something on my blog that's wrong. Andrea

Summer said...

Okay, now I can't find your blog. I wanted to come check out your latest pictures, but when I click on your noe family link, I don't see your blog. Also, Julia changed the name of her blog and I just recently updated it on mine. Good to hear from you. Let me know how to find your blog!

Noe Family said...

Summer, our blog is I feel like blogspot has been a bit jacked up lately. I can click on people's sometimes and other times not. I will change Julia's name on mine. Thanks for the update. Andrea

Chesley said...

I have never hit the next blog button before. I have always stayed in this little circle of people that have Mike Cope as a link. I figure your pretty safe with Cope on your site. I just now ventured off and hit the next button and OH MY GOODNESS!!! (that was for Ava) MY EYES ARE BURNING!!! I can't believe what I just came across! It was like soft porn!!! I won't be doing that anymore!