May 3, 2006


Kate and Brandon moved in a block away from us last weekend. It was a busy couple of days. (See Kate's blog for all the details related to the move!) I am so excited to have them even closer, though nothing in Abilene is far. It will be fun to put Ava in the wagon and walk over to Kate's to visit. I was telling some girls at a Bunko party that my sister had moved in around the corner, and several commented on how they could never live that close to their sisters. I've heard comments like this before, and I can honestly say that I cannot relate. Kate has become one of my very best friends, and there is something about knowing each other's history so intimately and loving each other anyway that makes sisterhood a tight bond. Kate is laid back when I am wound up. She's witty when I'm lame. She's giving when I am selfish. She is faithful when I doubt. And she's a great person to have around the corner. Couldn't ask for a better neighbor, sister and aunt for Ava!


tine said...

what a beautiful and absolutely accurate tribute to precious Kate...i am also thankful that i have such a special friendship with my sister, and reading your blog today made me realize once again that this is something i should treasure and not take for granted, as not everyone is this blessed in their sibling relationships...

i miss you and kate! jack and i are planning a trip to abilene soon, so hopefully i can see both of your houses and jack can have a play date with sweet ava!

Kara Sheets said...

You will have such a great time with Kate and Brandon so close. Don't worry though...we'll stop by unexpected every once in awhile! Have fun in NY!

Kate said...

I got tears in my eyes when I read your sweet words. I'm so thankful to have you so close again! Promise me you'll never ever move to El Paso again!! :) I love you!

Brooks Inc. said...


I loved reading your words about your sister...I, too, am blessed to have an incredible sister relationship! When Kelly moved to Africa I felt like my world was ending. Only the Lord, in His goodness could of blessed our relationship the way that He has. Over time and distance He has drawn us closer than I would of imagined. I have enjoyed this season but am looking forward to the block away season you and Kate have just entered! What joy!

I so love reading your words. May His Presence continue to pour over your days!

Love you-